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As our world is currently experiencing a pandemic, it’s difficult to find a sense of direction or groundedness among these unsettling events. Coronavirus has become the current phenomenon ingrained in our minds, an international crisis that has left us feeling helpless and frustrated.

As we continue to cope with the unstable days ahead, only earlier this year can we recall the wildfires that consumed Australia in a hysteria of fire. Informed by the dangers unraveling among us, 44 Ardent returns with new single “f i r e s” hoping to raise awareness and bring a compositional portrayal of these tragedies.

“This song is a sonic representation of the flames which have consumed the country of Australia recently. Climate events are becoming more extreme and action must be taken,” 44 Ardent said.

“f i r e s” brings a lo-fi approach, focusing on a number of brooding vocals. Sincere synthwork pairs with the echoing voices as the track resolves into a melancholy atmosphere. Complete with the delicate strings of violins, “f i r e s” brings another promising track for the mysterious producer.

44 Ardent recalls the electronic prowess of artists like Flying Lotus, XXYYXX, and Hudson Mohawke. Planning to release a lot more music throughout 2020, 44 Ardent hopes to pair his synth focused tracks with a strong political message, giving insight into the events inspiring his sound.

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