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We now find ourselves in the perfect time to binge watch a new show or two (or six) rather than starting Parks and Recreation for the 10th time. While Netflix has dozens of series to choose from, picking the right one can be difficult. Overwhelming, even. The last thing you want is to find yourself in the midst of Netflix purgatory, where you spend more time waffling between titles than you do actually watching something.

That’s where we come in. Maybe you need a dose of Moira Rose-level insanity on Schitt’s Creek and didn’t even realize it. Perhaps this is the week where you finally sit down and get in on the Stranger Things bandwagon before Season 4. Or, if you’re a learner, try out Explained, which is as informative as it is brief.What we’re saying is, whether you’re in the mood for a drama, docuseries, or comedy, look no further than this list for a little bit of every genre. We narrowed down the field; the rest is up to you.

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Schitt’s Creek

This Canadian sitcom shows a riches to rags story in the funniest way possible. When the Roses lose their fortune, they must relocate to a small town and live in a motel. Much like the family, the show takes a little time to find its footing, but by the second season you’ll be hooked.


Black Mirror

The Twilight Zone of our era, this techno-thriller anthology series has predicted many real-world horrors that have come to pass. Each different story shows how technology that is supposed to benefit human lives has a dark side.


The Crown

This fan-favorite show depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II throughout her reign. Now in its third season, you can watch QEII depicted by two actresses, Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, who are both incredibly talented in their own particular ways.


When They See Us

This limited series helmed by Ava DuVernay focuses on the real-life story of the Exonerated Five. When a woman is brutally attacked in Central Park, five teenage boys from Harlem are falsely accused and tormented by the judicial system. The drama was a stalwart on the awards circuit, but more importantly, it brought attention to an oft-overlooked side of the story.


Sex Education

Awkward, shy Otis reluctantly starts an underground sex therapy clinic at his high school when a few classmates learn his mother is a sex therapist. Otis quickly becomes an expert on the subject. Not only is the show funny and entertaining, but it also sheds light on how poor public school sex education really can be.



Another limited series based on a true story follows two different timelines: one about Marie, a teen raped in her home who goes to the police before eventually recanting her statement after police call her a liar. Another follows two detectives hunting down a serial rapist presumed to be the same man who attacked Marie.


Billy on the Street

Billy Eichner serves as host of this game show, featuring a whole slew of different celebrity cameos. Eicher runs through the streets of Manhattan with a microphone asking strangers pop culture questions. The chaotic energy from this show can’t be found anywhere else.


The Good Place

Kristen Bell plays Eleanor, a self-absorbed woman who dies and goes to the afterlife. When she realizes she’s there only because she’s been mistaken for someone else, she attempts to become a better person in order to stay. By the end of the series, the Michael Schur-creation becomes a whole new series entirely.


Stranger Things

One of the first shows to put Netflix originals on the map, Stranger Things shows a small town in Indiana in the ’80s affected by paranormal and supernatural life. Season Four has been confirmed, so binge now to be totally caught up in time. In the meantime, light a candle for Hopper.


Breaking Bad

Knowing his terminal cancer diagnosis will financially destroy his family, high school chemistry teacher Walter White uses his scientific expertise and the help of a former student to create and sell crystal meth out of an RV. The whole series is available to stream, and yes, it’s mandatory.



In the 1970s, two FBI agents attempt to understand and catch serial killers by diving in and studying their psychology. Their work even helps to begin the development of modern serial-killer profiling along the way.



This docuseries focuses on a new topic each episode, ranging from athleisure to cults. Each episode runs only 16-25 minutes, giving you interesting information in a short period of time. Plus, there’s spinoffs like The Mind Explained as well as Sex Explained if you can’t get enough.


Peaky Blinders

The notorious gangsters of Peaky Blinders make up one of the most powerful gangs of 1919 England. Its leader, Tommy Shelby, returns from war a hero and sets his sights higher than running the streets.

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A crush between a bookstore manager and writer quickly takes a dark turn when Joe (Penn Badgley) becomes obsessed with his new girlfriend and is determined to get close to her at the expense of everyone who gets in the way of that.


Queer Eye

A reboot of the early 2000’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Netflix’s spin takes the same basic formula of five gay men transforming other peoples’ (mostly straight men) lives by teaching them everything from grooming tips and how to French tuck to emotional vulnerability and finding confidence in themselves.



The docuseries that took Netflix viewers by storm early 2020 follows Navarro College’s elite competitive cheer squad as they prepare to win yet another national title.


Mad Men

In 1960s New York City, Don Draper struggles to stay on top of Manhattan’s competitive advertising industry. This show nabbed several Emmys and is acclaimed by many as one of the best drama series of all time.


American Horror Story

Although each season acts as a miniseries with a plot different from the rest of the show, each story has the same loose idea of how supernatural fears and horrors can play into humankind. Catch up now before the tenth season drops later this year.


BoJack Horseman

In this animated Netflix original, Will Arnett plays BoJack, a middle-aged, washed up sitcom star from the 90s, who happens to be a horse. The underrated comedy offers some of the most insightful commentary on mental health and substance abuse on television today. Yes, really.



This story about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling set in 1980s LA follows a group of misfit actresses that turns into a story with deeper themes like female friendships and competition. Come for the inventive concept. Stay for Betty Gilpin and Allison Brie’s powerhouse performances.


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